An Encounter with a Tikbalang

If you’re a curious millennial you might have gotten intrigued and ended up searching for mythical creatures from your local folklore.

It’s pretty normal to delve into superstitions and old beliefs once in a while. Through light research you can gain more insight about your local customs and age old beliefs on non-human entities.

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One of the Philippines’ mythical creatures, the Tikbalang is said to be a creature who lurks in mountainous regions and thick uninhabited forests.

People in the country have described it to be a tall and towering creature with a face and feet of a horse and a body of a man. It’s a creature known for its agility and mischievous temperament.
Different parts of the country have conflicting beliefs- some say it’s a fabled soul that watches over the doorway to the Skyworld, others believe that this is a creature of demonic essence whose sole purpose is to lead wandering humans off track.

This folklore actually originated 4000 years ago. Its roots are deeply influenced by Hinduism which explains a lot about how this mysterious half-man, half-horse came to be.

Human Encounter

In just 4 hours North of Manila, there lives a 76-year-old farmer named Rogelio Agcaoili. He told local news of his experience with a Tikbalang.

He recalled that his father, Mariano, had a paranormal companion.  His father used to always tell him that he had an unusual friend who is a huge creature part man and part horse who had a distinctive and unpleasant odor.

His father described the creature to have dark beady eyes; its stare unrelenting and penetrating. He used to see his father talking to something at night.

Unlike other tales, this one is a has a positive note. The creature who is said to be Mariano’s friend guided his family even after death.

He even believed that the reason why his father led a long and healthy life is because of the Tikbalang who he was friends with.

Rogelio stated that although he never saw the creature, he believes that to this day, the Tikbalang is still close by looking out for him and his family- especially at night.
He says he still feels that there is a certain presence in his house especially when he climbs up to his house. The smell he used to associate the Tikbalang with, still lingers.